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The Summertime Remixes: EP

I've been extremely busy ever since the first EP dropped, but I didn't want you guys to go too long without some fresh new tunes to sooth your ears. Check out these remixes I put together during the summer of 2012. The variety on this album ranges from Electro-Alternative to Electro-Hip Hip, all the way back to some Electro-Indie (Oh I like that!). Making remixes is not where I want to focus as a music producer, but I am very proud of these remixes!

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Test Flight: EP

Test Flight is my debut EP Album, released on December 14th, 2011. This EP album is one of the most diverse albums you will come across, incorporating sounds and samples from all genres of music to produce a wide range of unique tracks spanning from down-tempo chillers to upbeat face-wobblers.

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